How I got from fat to fit, among other bits of wisdom.

Let me break down the Mom version of the 30-Day Shred.  First, yes, I’m embracing Jillian again to shred it out for 30 days.  I have a partner, too.  Poor girl! Today rounds out the last day of Level 1.  This is how we get through the 20 23 minutes of “intensity”.

  1. Get home from work; change clothes; potty.
  2. Get kids situated with play dates upstairs and away from the workout area.
  3. Complete warm-up (including jumping jacks).
  4. Start Circuit 1.  Get through first set of jumping jacks.  Press pause just before second set of jumping jacks to go potty.
  5. Resume jumping jacks and jump rope.
  6. Finish video and cool down.
  7. Potty.

How many of you can relate?!


Comments on: "‘Mom’ Version of the 30-Day Shred" (1)

  1. Kelly Broz said:

    Thanks, I needed that giggle this morning!

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