How I got from fat to fit, among other bits of wisdom.

Oooh…did you catch that?  Marathon training.  I know; I’ve been, um, missing in action.  Not really.  What really happened is that I got a job…and ten extra pounds…  But that’s all good.  I tried to gain an extra five pounds this summer, but I’ve already lost that.  What’s my solution to working off calories now that I sit most of the day with the new gig?  Sign up for a marathon.

I’d like to take this opportunity to blame a few people.  Yes, I’m calling you out, Chris Stanley, Barbara Stanley,  Jennifer Bland, Crystal Walsh, Ruthie Kinker.  That’s not really fair, is it?  I know that I make my own choices.

Onto injuries.  They are SO ANNOYING!  I keep pulling the same muscle.  It comes out of nowhere and it benches me for a week.  I just took two weeks off of running because I was on vacation and a pile of other excuses.  You would have thought that I was nice and rested and could have run without a problem, but nooooo.  Pulled that calf muscle AGAIN and I’m limping and stiff and my dad called me ‘old’.

Enough whining.  I’m no quitter.  It’s time to nurse this baby and get myself back on track.  I have a marathon to run in a few months and I will succeed!  Until then, I might have to invest in some Biofreeze and The Stick.


Comments on: "Marathon Training Roadblocks" (4)

  1. Angie how did you start running. I mean literally the first run. I’m having such a hard time. I can run just a few yards and become so winded. Is this normal? I’m starting to think running may not be my “thing”.

    • The only way to start, in my opinion, is the run-walk method. Run for 20 seconds and walk for 40 seconds. Continue these intervals for 30 minutes. When that becomes easy for you, try 30-30 intervals. Then 1-1, 1-2, 1-3… And then, before you know it, you will be able to run for 30 minutes without stopping. DON’T QUIT!

    • Clarification: as you increase in intervals, you could run 2 and walk 1, etc. I typed that in a hurry on my tiny phone screen without proofing.

  2. […] so you’ve noticed I didn’t write since marathon training in 2013, huh?  That’s because the experience was one I’ve tried hard to forget! Maybe it was a […]

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