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October Challenge

Note: I’m stealing this challenge from another source.

You know, if we started a new challenge each month and kept it doable, with the last day of the month the finish line, so to speak, we might be more successful following through with our “resolutions”.

Yes, I realize that it is October and now I decide to start a monthly challenge!  Ever the procrastinator by nature, I also realize that when the idea hits, I should jump on it immediately instead of waiting for a better or more opportune time (which is never).

I got a text this morning containing this image:

The sender of the text said that she was going break up her crunches throughout the day, completing 25-50 at a time until she reaches her goal number of crunches for each day.

She also told me to take a “BEFORE” picture…

I took my picture and then laid on the floor.  I thought I would only be capable of completing about 25 crunches.  I ROCKED OUT 100 CRUNCHES!  So, that’s my baseline.  Tomorrow, I will complete 105, etc. until October 31.  I will then take an “AFTER” picture.

So, will you join me?  This month is crunches and next month will be push-ups.  I like to look ahead…


Comments on: "October Challenge" (5)

  1. Stephanie Hobbs said:

    I may have to try this one! Not sure i’ll take a picture and not sure i can knock out 100 but i may try to see what i can do!

  2. Keenun Barley said:

    Woo hoo! I love it! 🙂 Started this morning!

  3. stephanie said: i did some tonight..not 100 but 25! Thanks for the push!

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